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Black & White : Inicio / Climatización
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Our template supports three menu types:

  • Mega menu
  • Dropline menu
  • Split menu

Each of these menus has different characteristic. It is important to know that in order to gain an additional functionality offered by "Mega menu", a user has to install a plug-in which can be found in the rest-files package of a particular template.

If you want to place on the first menu level item without description please set for this item in the menu plugin class nodesc.


Cubiertas de Piscinas y Climatización.badge

Cubiertas de Piscinas.
Bomba de Calor para Piscinas
Cubierta Baja Telescópica.
Cobertor de Seguridad
Cerramientos de Piscinas
Cubierta Baja Elevable
Cubierta Baja Telescópica